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Mark Kennedy

Mark KennedyThe word “Wellness” has been used to apply to many different points of view but predominantly regarding health through freedom from disease. My experience with dis-ease is that “wellness” is about so much more. Wellness is like a table with four legs, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If one leg falls short the table doesn’t hold things very well, especially stress!
The journey to wellness for me began at twenty-eight, when I was diagnosed with crones dis-ease. An intestinal disorder that reigns havoc on your physical and mental state, by denying you any nutrition from your food, then add some pain for good measure.

Medical science had no “cure” to offer, just a regiment of drugs, surgery and a shortened life span. So, my pursuit of wellness began. I started with nutrition, then added physical regimes, just to keep the dreaded bought of sickness away. It worked…sometimes.

In desperation I turned to spiritual avenues. I discovered methods to manage my mental and emotional wellness along with a deep compassion for people. After years of study, trial and error, I have been free from crones disease for over twenty years.

My thirty-year journey to wellness has given me a deep passion for helping others discover wellness for themselves. I even dare to say; “it’s my life’s purpose.” I’m a certified hypnotherapist and coach, with a background in helping business grow and thrive.