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Dolaine Beauchamp, BA, BComm, MSc (HSE), CRSP

Dolaine Beauchamp

Dolaine Beauchamp is a Health and Safety professional offering occupational health and safety consulting services to small and mid-size companies whose goals are to reduce health and safety risk and optimize business performance.

Before moving into H&S consulting, Dolaine spent more than 20 years as a health and safety professional, across a number of business sectors including: retail, food services, construction, manufacturing, government, and oil & gas.

After as successful career as a safety professional, Dolaine now focuses her passion for health and safety on helping companies optimize their occupational health and safety performance through health and safety program building, program optimization &/or program audits.

Dolaine is an avid traveler—always looking forward to her next adventure. Back home she enjoys cycling and swims about 10 km per week.