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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the Emergent WorkForce program?

Which program is right for my organization?

How flexible are your programs?

How much does it cost?

How does the Canada Job Grant program work?

Where do you offer the Emergent WorkForce programs?


Who should attend the Emergent WorkForce program?

The Emergent WorkForce program works to reduce stress, improve personal performance, improve engagement, and reduce turnover.

Some of the organizational challenges that the program supports are:

Growth through acquisition

An acquisition always creates some job redundancy for both the purchasing company, and the acquired one. Fear of job loss, dealing with change of responsibilities, transfers to other locations all serve to create stress, and hamper productivity.

Growth through expansion

As your organization grows in a strong business climate, there are necessary changes to the organizational structure. Departments may expand, or split into areas of focus that were not possible when the company was smaller. Shifts in responsibilities and a new learning curve creates uncertainty – a major source of job stress.


Tough economic times often require a company to trim their operations to align with a reduced revenue stream. Employees face the potential of lay-offs, and those remaining are often given increased workloads. As an economy struggles, the “who’s next’ fear of lay-offs continues to weigh on your staff.

The Emergent WofkForce program works to shift perceptions, to alleviate stress by providing powerful tools to manage it, and to improve focus and concentration. Together, performance is enhanced.

Which program is right for my organization?

There is a cost to every training program. That cost consists of not only the course fees, but also of the salaries of those attending, who are away from their responsibilities. Meals and travel can also have a significant impact the total cost.

We know that the bigger the toolbox – the more tools an employee has available to them, the greater their success will be.

We share the same objective that every successful organization – to provide maximum value for the best price. To maximize the benefit:cost ratio.

To that end, there are three levels in the Emergent Workforce program:

Emerging Workforce 1-day program.

This is a 1 day program designed to provide your employees with a good foundation to support their health and well-being. Participants are introduced to the practices of Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Perceptual Intelligence, nutrition, and the use of powerful tools that serve as major stress busters that support both health and well-being.

Total Course hours: 15


  • Time away from the office is limited, and so is the payroll costs for employees attending is reduced.
  • It is a good introduction to the Emergent WorkForce program. Participants will take away a selection of powerful tools that will support them.


  • A 1 day program is not eligible for the Canada job grant program.
  • The abbreviated time frame forces a less in-depth approach to the ‘tools’
  • Classes are offered in groups of 25 attendees. There is less flexibility than our longer programs.

Emergent WorkForce 3, 4, & 5 day programs

This four day program contains all of the information presented in the 1-day program, in an expanded format. This allows greater learning with a broader array of ‘tools’.

Total Course hours:

  • 3 day program: 21 to 22 ½ hours
  • 4 day program: 28 to 30 hours
  • 5 day program: 35 to 37 ½ hours


  • Greater depth than the 1-day program. Participant will have a much more complete toolbox
  • Flexibility in choosing program content.
  • Includes a series of 28-day challenges that build on and reinforce the program content.
  • Compliant with the Canada job grant program is most provinces, reducing the program cost by up to 2/3.
  • Classes are offered in groups of 15 to 30 attendees. Greater flexibility when sending larger numbers of participants.
  • There are optional monthly mentoring sessions of about one hour duration.


  • Participants are away from the office for up to 5 days.

To assess which program is the best fit for your organization, please contact your Corporate Enrolment Manager. Their mandate is to determine the best match to meet your needs.

How flexible are your programs?


Within each program are key learnings that we feel are important to integrating the material. However, each program we deliver is fully customized to meet the needs of those attending. There are no absolutes. To that end, the curriculum that we deliver is determined by mutual agreement.

The program is designed to be delivered one day a month. We have good reasons for planning four weeks between classes. If that doesn’t work for you, then we’ll work with your schedule.

We recognize that this is your program, not ours. It will be tailored to meet your needs, and we will work with you to deliver in a manner that works for you and your organization.

How much does it cost?

When looking at the cost of a program, consider the total cost as well as the savings that you will realize from the program. These include reduced absenteeism, reduced turnover, and higher engagement. Health Canada has reported an average ROI of 340% when the right programs are implemented.

All of our programs that are 3 days and longer qualify under the Canada Job Grant program in most provinces. This can further reduce your cost by up to ⅔.

Click here view our tuition schedule.

How does the Canada Job Grant program work?

Our 3 day and longer programs are eligible for subsidy with the Canada Job Grant program. Programs must have at least 21 training hours to qualify.

Grants of up to 2/3 of tuition, and in some cases up to 2/3 of payroll costs for those attending can be reimbursed.

The programs are administered provincially, and each province/territory has a slightly different approach to managing the programs. Acceptance is NOT guaranteed. While our programs fit the criteria in most provinces (except Ontario) each province/territory decides on the grants it awards based on it’s remaining budget for that year.

Click here for specific details and for links to the individual provincial websites.

Where do you offer the Emergent WorkForce programs?

We recognize that sending employees to a training program can represent a significant cost when including travel, meals and accommodation. We would much rather travel to you, than to have your people travel to us.

We offer our programs as close as feasible to your place of work. We typically use hotel meeting space for our events, but we also consider other options that may be more convenient for your staff. Our goal is to minimize the disruption of schedules for your employees, knowing that they all have responsibilities outside of work.