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to the Pre-Program Assessment

Your input is critical to understanding the dynamics of your work environment. Through this understanding, we can tailor our program to best support your needs.

This assessment is based on an internationally recognized assessment – the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire, or COPSOQ.

Other than the first page, please answer all of the questions, even though some of the questions may not be fully applicable to you. The questions on the first page are important to identify specific areas of focus, and while we would appreciate you completing them, we understand if you choose not to.

Please answer as accurately as you can – the survey is completely anonymous. We have no way of identifying who you are, so your responses are protected. Only a summary of responses from all participants will be provided to the company. Individual responses are confidential.

You will be asked to create and enter a “User ID”. It is important that you record this User ID as you will be asked for it when you retake the assessment at the conclusion of the program. The User ID is used to link your responses each time you complete the assessment. We do not want to know your ID; please don’t share it with others. Make it something that you will remember (or write it down where it won’t be lost), but do not make it something that will identify you, like a name or date. It should be something unique, between 4 and 12 characters/numbers long.

The assessment should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Try not to think about the answers too much. Often the best answer is the one that comes to mind quickly.

And Thank You for taking the time to complete this assessment!

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