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Welcome . . .

. . . to the Emergent WorkForce™ program by the Sound Wellness Institute!

This program offers you opportunities to help manage stress, to support your health and well-being, to assist in recovery from illness and disease, and much more. We say opportunity, because your success is entirely up to you.

Did you know that the World Health Organization has declared stress to be the health epidemic of the 21st century? The US Center for Disease Control has stated that over half of all deaths of those under 65 are from illness and disease that are rooted in stress. To us, that is unacceptable. In the Emergent WorkForce™ program, you will be shown powerful ways to manage stress in your lives – stress that you may not even be aware of.

The tools and techniques that you will learn over the next few months will support you in the workplace, in your relationships with friends and family, in the community and beyond. The methods are validated by science, from researchers at some of the most prestigious universities and institutes in the world.

And so, we welcome you to join us!

To ensure that you have an extraordinary experience, we have two on-line forms that must be completed.



Employee Information Form

First is an information form. We need to know any dietary restrictions that you might have, or health issues that our instructors need to be aware of. This is essential to creating a safe environment where your needs are accommodated.

This form is maintained in the highest confidence. Information relating to your health will never be shared with anyone other than the instructors and the Sound Wellness program coordinator. Information about your meal preferences will be shared with our Nutritionist, who will discuss your needs with the caterers.

Your responses will never be shared with your employer.


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Pre-Program Assessment

Second, your input is critical to understanding the dynamics of your work environment. Through this understanding, we can tailor our program to best support your needs.

Please answer as accurately as you can – the survey is completely anonymous. We have no way of identifying who you are, so your responses are protected. Only a summary of responses from all participants will be provided to the company. Individual responses are confidential.

The assessment should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.


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